Travel & Tourism

Enabling business model innovation for the evolving consumer preferences

The travel and tourism industry consists of players in several segments:



Includes a wide variety of different types of travel, including air, road, rail and water-based methods. Key players are Airline Industry, Water Transport, Car Rental, Coach Services, Railways, Spacecraft.



The accommodation industry offers a variety of different options for customers, catering to different tastes, budgets and requirements. In addition to providing shelter and a place to sleep, many companies in the accommodation sector also provide a range of other services. Key segments include Hotels, Cruises, Bed and Breakfast, Shared Accommodation, Hostels, Timeshare Accommodation, Farmhouse Accommodation and Agri-Tourism, Camping.


Food & Beverage

There is a wide range of different company types that fall within this sector, providing customers with an array of different options. Key ones are Restaurants, Bars & Caf├ęs, Catering


Associated Industries

Include companies that promote the interests of the travel and tourism industry itself, businesses that help to connect prospective customers with travel and tourism products, and organizations that provide either practical support or logistical assistance for tourists and travelers.

The pandemic affected the travel and tourism industry adversely but also resulted in some new emerging trends. Workation, road trips, sustainable/eco-Friendly tourism, solo travel, heightened focus on safety and hygiene are just some of them.

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