Transforming businesses with consumer-first Phygital Models

The retail industry comprises businesses that sell goods and services to end consumers. Popular retail categories include grocery, convenience, discounts, independents, department stores, DIY, electrical and specialty.

The retailer today must provide a hassle-free, seamless experience for the consumer in order to remain competitive. Consumers today expect only first-rate customer service and a well-integrated shopping experience –omnichannel retailing. Consumers want to combine the benefits of traditional shopping with the convenience of the digital route.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C), enabled by e-commerce, has become the new growth engine for retail brands in recent years. Low barriers to entry have empowered many new players to step into the ring and compelled marketers to rethink their once-effective traditional marketing strategies.

We partner with retail businesses across sectors to develop and implement tailored strategies that address the challenges and opportunities in retail - digital disruption, new business models, increasing consumer expectations and evolving consumer behavior. We partner with clients to explore the opportunities on new sales channels, develop the most optimum multichannel strategies, and improve their customer’s digital experience. We also provide advanced analytics to help identify data-driven improvement opportunities in the business offering, pricing, product bundling, and user experience.