Media & Entertainment

Helping companies innovate with novel business models

The media and entertainment industry comprises of players providing entertainment in the form of games, movies, TV shows, radio shows, videos, music streaming, podcasts, magazines, blogs, live entertainment, books and OTT (Over the Top) content - providing television and film content over the internet on-demand.

The digitalization of content and innovations in technology have brought various challenges for the media and entertainment industry. The attention span of customers is shorter, and there are innumerable alternate entertainment options to switch to.

Adding to that, the Media and Entertainment industry has been severely hit by COVID-19, especially the players relying on the physical presence of customers like adventure parks, live entertainment, etc. The broadcasters need to continuously experiment with new revenue streams and reap the benefits of digital subscriptions and online entertainment.

We assist the companies in this industry in their strategic decision-making in improving profitability and expanding their customer base. We help them with pivoting or refining the business models to adapt to the changing competitive landscape by leveraging technology.