Human Resources

Helping startups disrupt how we work

Human resources is the division of a business that manages all aspects related to its people, including recruiting, training, career development, remuneration, managing benefits. The industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade. From providing job-placement and workforce solutions to corporations, it now involves training and development, staffing solutions, people Management, performance management solutions, recruitment analytics, recruitment Consulting, and employee health and safety.

The industry is now witnessing a surge in remote working, remote learning, upskilling, virtual team interactions, digital collaboration, digital tracking, virtual employee experiences, data-driven decisions, mental health support, and large-scale automation of tasks.

The top challenges in the HR industry today are attracting and retaining specialized talent, upskilling employees to adapt to changing business needs, managing diversity, managing change during digital transformations, ensuring mental health awareness, managing biases, and ensuring team compatibility.

We help companies and startups working in the HR space by providing training and development solutions, people analytics, performance management solutions, compatibility check solutions, and change management solutions, data analytics for decision making.