Helping startups transform healthcare through patient-centric models

The healthcare industry comprises companies that provide clinical services, manufacture drugs and medical equipment, and provide related services like medical insurance. The industry is growing rapidly, and with the increasing adoption of digital capabilities, the industry promises to provide better and timely diagnostics, improved quality of patient care, reduced operational costs, and accessibility for all.

The key segments of the healthcare industry are:


Healthcare Providers

Hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, rehabilitative centers and ambulatory service providers.


Healthcare Payers

Government bodies and private companies providing medical insurance to people, and funds for healthcare services.


Lifesciences Players

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that do R&D and manufacture drugs, and manufacturers of high-tech medical equipment.

Within the healthcare sector, Healthtech is one of the fastest-growing. While healthtech revolves around optimizing personal and preventative care, the medical technology (Medtech) segment focuses on therapeutic technologies and devices for the treatment of prevailing medical issues and diagnostic technologies that can detect medical conditions.

We have created multiple consulting solutions tailored for the new-age healthcare businesses. We work across the health care value chain to help clients navigate their most pressing challenges by providing intelligence for developing new treatments and health care models, enabling decision making through the evaluation of digital transformation partners, creating the roadmap to implement digital transformation across the organization.