Financial Services

Partnering with disruptive startups in bringing speed, safety and transparency in financial services

The new-age fintech startups offer disruptive solutions in Banking, Cryptocurrencies, Payments, Insurance, Lending, Investments and nearly all aspects of financial services.

Most major banks now offer some kind of mobile banking solution, especially with the rise of digital-first banks and Neobanks. Increasingly, the barriers to investing are being broken down by startups across the globe using a combination of savings and automated small-dollar investing methods. Machine learning is playing an increasingly important role in fintech. The ability to run massive amounts of data through algorithms designed to spot trends and risks is allowing consumers, companies and banks to make more informed investment decisions.

Despite the promise and growth of the fintech industry, startups face multiple challenges in their journey. Raising capital, regulatory hurdles, competition with gigantic financial institutions, marketing for customer acquisition, getting the first customers, cybersecurity and data privacy matters, business model challenges are some of the key roadblocks in a fintech startup’s success journey.

We partner with fintech startups to develop and execute strategies to raise capital, increase efficiency, leverage digital capabilities, gain competitive advantage and overcome regulatory hurdles. We’ve also worked closely with multiple cryptocurrency and DeFi startups in their business strategy planning, valuation and investor pitches, and running successful marketing campaigns.