Energy & Natural Resources

Helping innovative startups digitalize, decarbonize and decentralize

The energy sector relates to the production and supply of energy – both renewable and non-renewable. It covers businesses that explore, produce, refine, market, store, and transport oil and gas, coal, and other consumable fuels. The emerging players in the energy industry deal with renewable forms such as hydropower, solar power, and wind power.

The energy businesses characteristically incur large capital expenditures as they own large amounts of fixed assets. The sector is highly cyclical and sensitive to the macroeconomic environment. The level of economic activities exerts a significant impact on the demand for oil and gas. GDP, disposable income, employment, new housing, and the industrial production index are some of its key macroeconomic drivers.

The most important trends in the energy sector today are:



A transition towards a clean and carbon-free economy by integrating and increasing the share of renewable energy sources.



Geographically distributed electricity with a large number of multi-level producers and consumers generating electricity independently.



The use of digital machines and devices at all levels of the power system, from production and infrastructure to end-user devices.

We help innovative green energy startups craft sustainable and scalable business models, raise capital, and optimize their operations, harnessing the power of digital technologies.