Consumer Products

Enabling industry-leading growth through marketing and supply chain transformations

The Consumer Products industry manufactures, markets and sells food & beverages, personal and household care items, consumer durables, luxury goods, apparel, and agricultural products.

The industry has faced significant headwinds in recent years with the combination of long-term changes in buyer behavior with an increased focus on sustainability and black swan events like the COVID-19 pandemic that accelerated the shift to online ordering. The industry has also witnessed technological disruption in modes of selling, services, and logistics.

The key opportunities shaping the Consumer Products industry today are the need for anytime and anywhere engagement with the consumers across devices and platforms, siloed and fragmented supply chains, and an increased sensitivity of the consumers towards price and value.

We help our clients on several fronts - deciding on the right business offering based on market research, analysis of the competitive landscape, customer behavior analytics, creating an effective business and marketing plan to reach the customers, digitalization of operations, and implementation of the strategic recommendations through Advanced Analytics, Digital Marketing and Branding.