Consulting & Research

Evidence-based decisions through smart research and novel frameworks

The Consulting sector primarily has firms focused on:


Strategy Consulting

Create and follow a long-term blueprint or strategic plan for an organization.


Business Consulting

Optimize the internal workflow and the inner workings of the business as a whole.


Financial Consulting

Help the business align its financial goals (e.g., profit margins, overhead, spending habits, ROI, etc.) with all short-term tactical goals and long-term strategic goals.


Information Technology Consulting

Help a business better leverage its IT infrastructure.


Management Consulting

Optimize how senior personnel manage teams, projects, and departments on a day-to-day basis using management consulting frameworks and case studies.

The business research segment of the industry often works closely with the consulting firms. These firms help their clients gather and interpret information about individuals or organizations with the insights (market size, competition, market need, consumer behavior, etc.) leveraged to shape strategies.

There is a growing need for specialized knowledge in both these areas that face stiff challenges from the rising unpredictability in the market and changing paradigms of how buyers buy these services. The increased availability of volumes of data and information is shifting focus towards the use of technology to derive insights and take actions.

We help our Consulting and Research clients by creating novel frameworks, research and analysis models, and extending highly focused and specialized research and analytics for their clients’ industries. We derive industry and market insights based on high-quality, reliable data using big data and analytics, and come up with strategic recommendations based on tangible evidence.