Hit The Ground Running

A 10-day long, rigorous program to get you project-ready.

We’ve designed the concept of HTGR (Hit-The-Ground-Running) for our team members joining directly from campuses. It is a 10-12 day rigorous program intended to make the new members hands-on from the word go. During the program, they build a working rapport with us, quickly plug any skill gaps, and get project-ready.

Here’s how we execute HTGR:

  1. We send you learning reads/videos for the day
  2. We also send across the day’s problem statement
  3. You apply the learning from the reads/videos and deliver the output
  4. We share our feedback with you
  5. You revise and refine based on feedback and share again

Here are the key areas we focus on for HTGR:

  • Managing Deliverables and Communication
  • Effective Articulation
  • Market Research – Primary and Secondary
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Effective Business Presentations
  • Business Research and analysis

Want to join us and go through HTGR? Write to us at [email protected]. For more details visit our Careers section.