Sustainability Consulting

Empowering your startup to become sustainability-native

Today, sustainability is the biggest challenge for humanity, and it has become essential for existing and new businesses to play their part by embedding sustainability in their business practices. A sustainable or green business ensures minimal negative impact or a potentially positive impact on the environment, community, society, and economy. There are several ways to become sustainable: reducing wastage, preventing emissions, adopting clean energy practices, using sustainable raw materials, and making sustainable products.

At Brainworks, we are deeply committed to helping our clients implement sustainable practices. We deliver solutions across the sustainability spectrum - market intelligence, feasibility study, framework-based analysis of solutions, creating sustainable practices, and ensuring partnering with sustainability-committed vendors. We also work as the knowledge partner and advisor for several startups inclined to be the first movers in bringing innovative sustainability solutions in carbon offsetting (like CCUS) and low carbon generation.