Statistical Modelling

Inventing value for your customers through the power of numbers

Mathematical Modelling involves applying mathematical concepts to translate problems in the form of complex raw data into meaningful formulations leading to actionable insights that can be utilized to make important business decisions. Often, statistical modeling frameworks are also an essential ingredient of our clients' value to their customers. Mathematical and statistical Modelling has gained tremendous importance as they can be leveraged to drive Machine Learning on big data.

We help our clients with statistical modeling and analysis of the vast data about their stakeholders, behaviors, and business processes. This analysis yields meaningful results and assists in market research, product development, growth planning, and efficiency improvement.

We also help clients by building meaningful AI and ML frameworks and models that serve as the backbone of their new technologically advanced products. Brainworks has helped its clients across various applications - from a machine learning-based model for a chatbot, an AI-based model for team planning, an ML-based model for career assessment and an ML-based model for a Healthtech startup.