Data Science & Analytics

Connecting the dots and deciphering the patterns to unearth value goldmines

With unimaginable volumes of data points being captured across customer touchpoints, a business has access to a wealth of data. Today, what differentiates a winning business from the rest is how it utilizes the data to solve business problems and make successful strategic decisions.

Data science refers to studying data through statistics, algorithms, and technology. It uses data to find solutions to a set of problems.

Business Analytics, on the other hand, refers to studying business data to gain insights. It is the bridge between business and technology that provides analytics to make data-driven decisions. These decisions can also be related to softer aspects – better work culture, higher employee retention, increased job satisfaction, in addition to the harder aspects of topline and bottom-line growth.

At Brainworks, we consistently strive to help our clients make data-driven decisions to choose the best business strategy, employ the most efficient systems, manage through industry- or business-related opportunities and challenges and improve overall business operations. Data helps us uncover solutions that may not be intuitive, allowing us to deliver differentiation solutions to our clients.